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Yvonne is very nice to work with and a real pro in ActiveCampaign.
Because of her I don’t have to worry about my email marketing processes anymore.
That gives a lot of rest and focus in my business.

Wendy Kerssens


The combination of her enormous knowledge of ActiveCampaign, her strong strategic and analytical capacities, makes that Yvonne really is a MASTER when it comes to ActiveCampaign. Yvonne’s strength lies in the fact that she never looks at 1 thing, but at the bigger picture, the total process flow. And all that makes her worth 24 carats of gold. I can recommend Yvonne to anyone who is ready to implement ActiveCampaign strategically. Anyone who sees that a strategic funnel is much more than sending 5 automated emails!

Angélique Piternella

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I’ve been working with Yvonne for a while now and oh boy, this woman knows her game! Not only does she work fast and careful, where many technical VAs just do what you ask them to do Yvonne looks for more optimization opportunities. So nice to work with someone who does this for you!

Kim Buining


“The cooperation with Yvonne started at the beginning of my (online) business. I was looking for technical support. Really a technical expert who doesn’t turn her hand to technology. And that turned out to be Yvonne. Driven by a passion for technology with great analytical thinking, strong communicative, social and entrepreneurial mindset. That characterizes Yvonne. What started as a small team of 2 grew in 2.5 years to a large team of 8 people. But Yvonne also grew. Sometimes that means saying goodbye. Yvonne has helped us enormously in that growth phase with her commitment.”

Danielle Leuvering


Yvonne Ruckert has only recently joined the team, but ohhhhh what a valuable addition she is! If you are talking about an Expert then she is it! Super grateful for how you help me with everything technical (aaah just the word makes me itch) and how you think ahead and really have that ‘everything is figureoutable’ mentality! I love it!

Kim Munnecom


It was very pleasant to work with Yvonne.
She is knowledgeable, to-the-point, clear in her communication and has a nice positive, fresh mindset. Highly recommended!
Yvonne took care of the migration from autorespond to ActiveCampaign for me.
Dedicated to her work, she went to work and did a great job. I am very satisfied!
I enjoyed the fact that she is a real ‘nerd’ and loves all those technical aspects which I am not very good at. Delightful:)

Elise Verheul


What is key for me in working with Yvonne is her ATTITUDE & EXPERTISE. I don’t know anyone who is like her. She is incredibly professional in many aspects. She is senior to work with and a sparring partner who can name and address issues very concretely. I feel understood and seen by her. She has helped me out of the mess not once but 100 times. She doesn’t let you down, she solves it. She is also the only person I know who is familiar with so many techniques and methods, and if she is not, her healthy curiosity and analytical brain ensure that she will master a new method in no time. She is also very pleasant to have in the team, very constructive, helpful and focused on finding the best solution for you. Working with Yvonne is a no brainer and essential for any small business owner who is serious about their business.

Els Van Laecke


I was looking for more knowledge on how to set up a funnel. I already had ActiveCampaign and thought I could do that, but this was somewhat disappointing. ActiveCampaign is the technique to organize things, and you need it to achieve what you want. I simply thought: I need some knowledge to set up a funnel, but it was much more. The mindset behind it, building the structure and figuring out how you could do it. I thought my issue was the funnel building, but after a conversation with Yvonne it turned out that it went much further. It was about what you ultimately want to achieve with that funnel, where you want to go. Yvonne listened carefully to what I was actually looking for and got me thinking.

Steven Witkam


I was hesitating between using MailBlue and ActiveCampaign. I had been told more than once that MailBlue was Dutch and therefore the most logical choice for my company.After watching the webinar I know this is nonsense and that there is no difference between ActiveCampaign and Mailblue and I have chosen for ActiveCampaign and the extra service of Yvonne and her team.

Johanneke von Eije


Yvonne has a nice ‘no-nonsense’ way of explaining. For me she is THE expert on ActiveCampaign and every time I dive into her training program I learn something new. Also the fact that she is ‘on top’ of new developments from ActiveCampaign and will share these with her community was an important reason for me to choose her training program. I am very grateful for the effort Yvonne has taken to share all her knowledge in an online training program and I am looking forward to what she will teach me in the future.

Wendy van den Bresselaar


Yvonne is truly an expert and knows everything about ActiveCampaign and funnels. Her approach is very professional. Afterwards I receive a video recording of our knowledge sessions, so I can watch and listen to everything at my leisure. Yvonne is always well prepared and enthusiastic and skilled in coming up with solutions.

Tanja Cavaljé


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