How much work do you do manually in your business that you wish would go automatically?

Find out how your business continues to run even without you, so you can go on vacation without looking at a catch-up by the time you return

your business and your life look like if you set up your marketing in a smarter way?

You’ll save yourself a heap of time, money and frustration

Your email marketing is finally making money instead of costing you money

You’ll have time to do what you really enjoy

You know exactly how funnels work and how to set them up

Your list will grow bigger and bigger without you spending any time on it

Existing customers are more likely to buy from you

you only send relevant information to your contacts

It finally feels like a really successful business and you can start living your dream

You can finally start to outsource tasks, so you no longer have to do everything yourself

Now that you have more time to spare, you can be there again for your children and your spouse

How good do all those benefits sound?
With the right setup of ActiveCampaign, it’s within reach.

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Please note! Limited availability

I only have a limited number of spots available in my calendar and also only for those small business owners who also really want to work on their business and improve their funnels so they have more freedom and can scale their business.

It was very pleasant to work with Yvonne.
She is knowledgeable, to-the-point, clear in her communication and has a nice positive, fresh mindset. Highly recommended!

Yvonne took care of the migration from Autorespond to ActiveCampaign for me.
Dedicated to her work, she went to work and did a great job. I am very satisfied! I enjoyed the fact that she is a real nerd and loves all those technical aspects that I am not good at at all. Delightful:)

Elise Verheul

Vreugdevol Ouderschap

What is key for me in working with Yvonne is her ATTITUDE & EXPERTISE. I don’t know anyone who is like her. She is incredibly professional in many aspects. She is senior to work with and a sparring partner who can name and address issues very concretely. I feel understood and seen by her. She has helped me out of the nests not once but 100 times. She doesn’t let you down, she solves it.

She is also the only person I know who is familiar with so many techniques and methods, and if she is not, her healthy curiosity and analytical brain ensure that she will master a new method in no time. She is also very pleasant to have in the team, very constructive, helpful and focused on finding the best solution for you. Working with Yvonne is a no brainer and essential for any small business owner who is serious about their business.

Els Van Laecke

Els Van Laecke Breakthrough Academy - Business coach

Yvonne Ruckert

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