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Your account in your preferred language and English support

With us you keep your ActiveCampaign account in your preferred language and we support you in English.


Unique Software

No single piece of software does a 100% what you want it to do. That’s why we develop our own software, so we can offer even more automation of processes you do more than once.


Prevent your emails from getting into the spam box

We’ve written unique software that delivers 98% of your emails sent from ActiveCampaign to your contacts’ main Inbox.

You have an ActiveCampaign account, but you would like to make use of the extras we offer you, like software to keep your emails out of the spam filter or to automatically remove completely unsubscribed contacts from your account.

If so, request below to transfer your ActiveCampaign account to us.

  1. Your account remains unchanged.
  2. You will not lose any contacts or data.
  3. You can just keep logging in as you always did until now.
  4. All links will continue to work.
  5. Your account will remain in your preferred language. The support you will get from us will be in English.
  6. You will get access to your own mijnsitesmid account, where you can upgrade or downgrade your ActiveCampaign account yourself. Here you will also find your invoices.
  7. The prices of your account will remain the same as they are now.
  8. The transfer is very simple. You only have to fill in the form below and reply to an email you will receive from us. We will take care of the rest.

Fill in the form below and we’ll make sure your account is hosted by us

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  • ActiveCampaign admin url
  • This is your account url what you see in the url bar when you are logged into ActiveCampaign. So for example (where exampleaccount should be your own account name).
  • ActiveCampaign Admin email address
  • Not necessary if you are with ActiveCampaign directly. Should you be with another ActiveCampaign partner, we will need their (support) email address to request the transfer.

You can just keep logging in as you always did. Nothing at all will change in your automations and contacts.

We’ll make sure you can switch over to us without any hassle.